Raised as a Goon 1-5

Lock Down Publicatioins #ad - His older brother, juice, is doing all that he can from behind bars to have him killed. With death lurking around every corner will taurus be able to continue to protect the women in his life? Or will they get caught in a cesspool and suffer the grisly fate meant for him? Meanwhile, BLAZE becomes pregnant with Taurus' child.

. Synopsis 1from birth they were taught by their father to have cold hearts and no compassion. But those who betrayed him aren’t standing on solid principles and his own flesh and blood forces Taurus to make a deadly choice that brings death and destruction into the family’s circle. In the midst of immeasurable turmoil, Taurus is forced to master the underworld so his family can bounce back and become the dynasty his father envisioned.

Raised as a Goon 1-5 #ad - But taurus refuses to fold. When the young killa stepped off of the proverbial porch, the streets weren't ready for the beast he was bred to be. Little does he know. Family over everything was supposed to be the code, but what happens when it’s put to a serious test? Reeling from the double betrayal, Taurus does what a real man must do.

It's been said that god protects those who are good, but when the devil is the man who gave you life, nothing, absolutely nothing is sacred. The emotions that raged inside of him were volcanic, and he wanted to kill. With his entire family’s life on the line, and the clock running out, the young goon must win the ultimate game of survival or lose his life by the hands of one from his own bloodline.


The Throne 1-4: Super Box Set: Entire Series

Cole Hart Signature, LLC #ad - Warning** this is not your typical Urban romance, thug love, dope boy, or kingpin savage book. In this four-book series you’ll take an unforgettable ride with the national bestselling author Cole Hart. His writing is very clever, and this story is unputdownable. Nail biting. Their columbian connect in Miami, ensured their place at the top of the game.

They lived the dream, until the feds raided their mansion and snatched Falisa and her husband, leaving their twelve-year-old son to hold down the Throne. Street literature. For years, falisa walker stood in the shadows of her husband Timbo as he ruled over their drug empire. Gritty. The throne is hands down one of the best African American Urban Fiction series.

The Throne 1-4: Super Box Set: Entire Series #ad - And now it’s available here in the entire SUPER BOXSET 1-4. They lived lavishly as King and Queen while calling shots from New York to Augusta, Georgia. Heart pounding. Loyalties are tested, and bonds are strained as young Fly learns that the road to the throne is no cakewalk. He did everything his father asked; even placing his own life in jeopardy to prove that he was capable of walking in the shoes that were left for him.

One simple mistake turned their entire family upside down, and their son was left to swim the waters with the Great Whites.


Ra & Dre boxset 1-5: A Thug Love Affair

Sa'id Salaam presents #ad - A box set containing the entire 5 book series. Ramel jennings known on the block as Ra is a straight up goon. Take a wild ride with two of Harlems finest as they travel up and down the east coast on a paper Chase. Love is the only thing they can't outrun. Hanging with her drug dealing older brother, she was more partial to boxing and basketball than ballet and Barbies.

The two had been friends for as long as they could remember and in love for about the same amount of time. Except neither would admit it. She eventually inherited the block's hustling cocaine trade and he was her right hand man. Typical Harlem pretty thug type. Andrea coleman, akA Dre, grew up on the same mean streets.


The Boss Man's Daughters 1-5

Lock Down Publications #ad - Meanwhile, the sisters must answer for past sins from a foe they'll never see coming. Will destiny and freedom survive to carry on the criminal empire father god bestowed to them? Or will they finally be laid to rest next to their daddy?SYNOPSIS 5After many heart wrenching trials and tribulations, storms of bullets, puddles of blood and incalculable murder and mayhem, The Walker sisters are finally united again with all scores settled.

Father god was larger than life. For years, the girls' mother was thought to be dead; murdered by the hands of their father. He was thought to be untouchable, but one woman did what many men couldn't-- she brought him down and placed him inside of a casket. But for the very first time there just might be a chink in the chain the holds their loyalty to each other intact.

The Boss Man's Daughters 1-5 #ad - Did losing father god make them lose themselves? or will they bury their grief and rock the world to its core in the name of Love, Hate and Revenge?SYNOPSIS 4From the grizzly death of their beloved father to the murder of their disloyal mother, one of the sisters, The Walker girls have survived everything the game has thrown at them, is lost, but when ANGEL, FREEDOM and DESTINY are beyond consoling.

Now the only question remaining is how hard will the girls go after their beloved father's killer, considering it's their mother? With THE BOSS MAN'S DAUGHTERS, no injustice to their daddy goes unpunished. When a multitude of crimes, including the murder of the girls’ mother, FREEDOM, lands Jonathan in prison, ANGEL and DESTINY must decide if their love for Daddy outweighs the pain he’s brought into their lives.

No amount of condolences can quiet their guns as The Killing Season unfolds in cold and bloody fashion. With lil boy in their corner, the boss man's DAUGHTERS unleash their vengeance on all enemies, real and suspected.


Yolo Ultimate box set: Books 1-9

Sa'id Salaam Presents #ad - Yolo Ultimate box set: Books 1-9 #ad - Now you can read the entire Yolo series in order! .


Thug Holiday 1-4: Urban romance Box Set: Complete series

Cole Hart Signature, LLC #ad - These four ladies are signed with Cole Hart Signature and their writing is very clever, and this story is unputdownable. However, she must keep her family from finding out about her new gig. This story is filled with unlimited drama wrapped in luscious lies, secret rendezvous, undisclosed lust, and titillating secrets.

However, she discovered those jobs are not what she thought they would be. Will love finally find Andrea? To the outside eye, Anastasia Holiday is living the life. Heart pounding. Nail biting. Gritty. Street literature. Growing up in jackson, MS, the Holiday sisters always did everything they could to please their parents.

Patrice Balark. Warning** this is not your typical Urban romance, thug love, dope boy, or kingpin savage book. But when her first big case hits close to home, how will she balance the personal from the professional? Will she compromise her new career for family? Alexis Holiday moved to Georgia to attend Clark-Atlanta University.

Thug Holiday 1-4: Urban romance Box Set: Complete series #ad - While there, she finds herself slipping into the fast life, so she ends up doing something that she had vowed to never to do. In this four-book series you’ll take an unforgettable ride with the national bestselling authors Twyla T. Will anastasia find a way to combat the ill-feelings of her life and find a way to make her marriage work? Or will she succumb to finding love and a happy life with the thug she has fallen for? Alyssa Holiday has finally graduated college and was excited about finding a career in the communication field.


Dream & Drake Super Box Set: Entire Series

Cole Hart Signature, LLC #ad - The two of them discover what makes them complete opposites is the very thing that makes their connection just right. Drake and breeze are on their way to having everything they ever wanted. The product of a loving, middle-class- two-parent home, she knows nothing about going without the basic necessities in life.

Drake’s desire to have dream as his own, has him willing to give up the life he lives in the streets and settle down. Dream is a stranger to struggle and life in the streets. Warning** this is not your typical Urban romance, thug love, dope boy, or kingpin savage book. Determined to show himself worthy, Breeze accepts the challenges required to earn the “Family’s” trust.

From the moment she met breeze, she managed to get under his skin with her, “no holds barred” attitude and slick tongue. Marked as a weak link by the members of the chicago Cartel, the crime family that raised and reared both Drake and Breeze, Breeze is depending on Dream to help him solidify his place in the family.

Dream & Drake Super Box Set: Entire Series #ad - From money to love. Drake is everything that Dream has ever wanted in a man and more than she ever expected. The moment drake saw dream; he secretly claimed her as his woman and made a vow to have her by all means necessary. Live in the moment with as princess Diamond as she brings you the complete box set of the most suspenseful, drama-filled, realistic compliation in Urban Fiction.

However, the road to success is tainted, when you make your living off an illegal hustle, often stained with blood and guarded by opposition and enemies who want nothing more than to take what’s yours.


This Could Be Us But You Playin' Super Box Set: Complete Series

Cole Hart Signature, LLC #ad - With a mother who hated her very existence and a father who was locked away in prison for the attempted murder of her mother; she just couldn’t catch a break. Kaleb realizes that he’s ruined their chances when Dominique moves away and goes off to college; leaving behind no way for him to contact her.

Dominique was a product of a broken home. Although faced with a sticky situation, Kaleb refuses to allow Dominique to slip away again. There’s one problem; not only is Dominique engaged to marry another man, but she is also the mother of her fiancé's son. That is until Kaleb unintentionally breaks her heart.

Dominique is crushed and does the only thing she can think of, and that is to leave. With a stressful home life, Dominique's only ray of sunshine is her boyfriend, Kaleb. As teens, the duo are madly in love, with plans to marry and raise a family together. By then he has his life on track and is now a very successful businessman with the world at his fingertips.

This Could Be Us But You Playin' Super Box Set: Complete Series #ad - . Will these young lovers reconnect and have their happily ever after, or will they realize that their ships have passed? Find out how Dominique and Kaleb's story unfolds in the complete series This Could Be Us But You Playin'. To make matters worse, Kaleb himself is involved with a woman who loves him unconditionally.

A chance encounter reconnects the two ex-lovers, and Kaleb sees it as a chance to right his wrongdoings and finally be with the one who captured his heart all those years ago.


Kwame & Kyhanna: Super Box Set: Complete Series

Cole Hart Signature, LLC #ad - From the minute kwame patterson first laid eyes on the young bombshell Kyhanna he’d been determined to make her his. He’s decided to give up his player ways in order to embark on the love of a lifetime. With her older brother incarcerated, a drug addicted mother and a little brother who depends on her for everything Kyhanna had to grow up faster than she imagined.

After an unexpected event takes place, the life that Kyhanna had grown accustomed in surviving in is literally thrown upside down and she is left to pick up the pieces alone. But just because one decides to put their past behind them doesn’t mean that their past won’t come back to haunt them and soon Kwame finds himself in the middle of two crazy ass women who refuse to let him go.

Kwame & Kyhanna: Super Box Set: Complete Series #ad - In kwame and kyhanna a true bond between two hearts are revealed along with every possible scenario designed to break them up…will true love prevail? Even if he’s never been the knight in shining armor type, Kyhanna is that type of chick to make a young boss like him switch his whole style up. You never know a piece of your soul is missing until your soul is staring you right in the face.

Me, myself and i is the code that Kyhanna Gregory lived her life by.


Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 1-4: Super Boxset: Complete Series

Cole Hart Signature, LLC #ad - Is at it again. Pretty lips that thugs love is hands down one of the best African American Urban Fiction series. She knows that kentay loves her, but his love for the streets, as well as other women often complicates their relationship. They instantly hit it off as friends but the chemistry between them is too strong for either of them to deny.

Relationships will dissolve. With test after test and betrayal after betrayal, the question remains if their relationship is strong enough to withhold what's being thrown their way or has Kentay pushed Ashanti too far? Truths will be revealed. Kentay learns to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.

Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 1-4: Super Boxset: Complete Series #ad - And, some relationships will launch. Kentay notices her pulling away and tries to get himself together to make sure she remained with him but it may be too late. When he's not with ashanti or dealing with other woman, he's hustling alongside his best friend Slick. Ashanti mcneal dealt with twenty-three-year-old Kentay Mills sneakily for years and now at the age of eighteen she is happy to be in an open to be in a relationship with him.

Everyone knows him; that was until he met Ashanti. Twyla T. Pain will be inevitable.


Red & Ricko Box Set: Complete Series

Cole Hart Signature, LLC #ad - Between shoot outs, other women vying for his attention and a long list of deceptive characters lurking, Arianna might not be able to handle being a dope boy’s woman, or she could find out there’s a lot more thug in her than she thought. Ricko was living life and enjoying the fruits of his labor. However, a chance encounter with Jericko Cook, A.

K. A. Sophia wants to be his ride or die, but will she be used as a pawn to get him where he wants to be, or will he finally meet his match? Come take this ride through the streets of Chicago with these two brothers as they build their empire while juggling deception and love. She got all the perks of a relationship except a title.

Red & Ricko Box Set: Complete Series #ad - Arianna wasn’t looking for a thug. When he pushes her to the side for what she thought was just the new flavor of the week, she realizes that Arianna isn’t going anywhere. In fact, that was the last thing she wanted. As the man in charge, money, cars, hoes and clothes weren’t just a saying to him; it was his everyday reality.

He is on a mission to take what he believes is rightfully his and will stop at nothing to claim his throne. Getting ricko to commit to her was proving harder than she thought. He didn’t realize that real love was the only thing he had been lacking, but it could be just what he needed.