Crooked Heart: A Novel

Harper #ad - Always desperate for money, she’s unscrupulous about how she gets it. Noel’s mourning his godmother Mattie, a former suffragette.  . Crisscrossing the bombed suburbs of London, Vee starts to make a profit and Noel begins to regain his interest in life. Wise beyond his years, he has little in common with other children and even less with the impulsive Vee, raised with a disdain for authority and an eclectic attitude toward education, who hurtles from one self-made crisis to the next.

Paper moon meets the blitz in this original black comedy, set in World War II England, chronicling an unlikely alliance between a small time con artist and a young orphan evacuee. When noel bostock—aged ten, no family—is evacuated from London to escape the Nazi bombardment, he lands in a suburb northwest of the city with Vera Sedge—a thirty-six-year old widow drowning in debts and dependents.

Crooked Heart: A Novel #ad - With noel, she’s a team. Together, they cook up a scheme. The war’s provided unprecedented opportunities for making money, but what Vee needs—and what she’s never had—is a cool head and the ability to make a plan. On her own, she’s a disaster. But there are plenty of other people making money out of the war—and some of them are dangerous.

Noel may have been moved to safety, but he isn’t actually safe at all.


The Glovemaker: A Novel

Skyhorse #ad - The man, a devout mormon, is on the run from the US government, which has ruled the practice of polygamy to be a felony. It is now the depths of winter, Samuel is weeks overdue, and Deborah is getting worried. But all is not what it seems, deborah and her husband’s best friend, are faced with life and death decisions that question their faith, and when the Marshal is critically injured, Nels Anderson, humanity, and both of their futures.

Although deborah is not devout and doesn’t subscribe to polygamy, she is distrustful of non-Mormons with their long tradition of persecuting believers of her wider faith. When a desperate stranger who is pursued by a Federal Marshal shows up on her doorstep seeking refuge, it sets in motion a chain of events that will turn her life upside down.

The Glovemaker: A Novel #ad - Deborah lives in junction, a tiny town of seven Mormon families scattered along the floor of a canyon, and she earns her living by tending orchards and making work gloves. Isolated by the red-rock cliffs that surround the town, she and her neighbors live apart from the outside world, even regarded with suspicion by the Mormon faithful who question the depth of their belief.

A publishers weekly starred review in the inhospitable lands of the Utah Territory, Samuel, during the winter of 1888, thirty-seven-year-old Deborah Tyler waits for her husband, to return home from his travels as a wheelwright.


Old Baggage: A Novel

Harper Perennial #ad - Old baggage is a funny and bittersweet portrait of a woman who has never given up the fight and the young women who are just discovering it.  . Thus the amazons are formed, a group created to give girls a place to not only exercise their bodies but their minds, and ignite in young women a much-needed interest in the world around them.

Riffling through a cupboard, matilda Simpkin comes across a small wooden club—an old possession that she hasn’t seen for more than a decade. But when a new girl joins the group, sending Mattie’s past crashing into her present, every principle Mattie has ever stood for is threatened. Now in middle age, the closest she gets to the excitement of her old life is the occasional lecture on the legacy of the militant movement.

After running into an old suffragette comrade who has committed herself to the wave of Fascism, Mattie realizes there is a new cause she needs to fight for and turns her focus to a new generation of women. During the women's suffrage campaign, she was a militant who was jailed five times and never missed an opportunity to return to the fray.

Old Baggage: A Novel #ad - 1 uk bestseller“a thoughtful, funny, companionable novel…executed with verve. London timesthe author of the acclaimed crooked Heart returns with a comic, charming, and surprisingly timely portrait of a once pioneering suffragette trying to find her new passion in post-WWI era London. 1928. Immediately, memories come flooding back to Mattie—memories of a thrilling past, which only further serve to remind her of her chafingly uneventful present.


Their Finest: A Novel

Harper Perennial #ad - It’s all completely fabricated, madame tussauds wardrobe assistant turned costumier; and arthur frith, the jaded and the utterly unsuitable who must make up the numbers: Ambrose Hilliard, of course, but what does that matter when the nation’s morale is at stake? Since call-up has stripped the industry of its brightest and best, whose peacetime job as a catering manager has not really prepared him for his sudden, third most popular British film-star of 1924; Edith Beadmore, it is the callow, unexpected elevation to Special Military Advisor.

Now in a serious world, they must all swallow their mutual distaste, ill-will, in a nation under siege, and mistrust to unite for the common good, for King and Country, and—in one case—for better or worse. Evans displays a fine eye for detail and for the absurdities involved in filming. From the author of the acclaimed crooked heart comes another “smart, ingenious, funny, revealing tale of London life during the Second World War” The Independent—longlisted for the Orange Prize upon its original publication in England.

Their Finest: A Novel #ad - It is 1940 She also brilliantly evokes the disruption and dangers of wartime London. Young copy writer catrin cole is drafted into the Ministry of Information to help “write women” into propaganda films—something that the men aren’t very good at. She is quickly seconded to the Ministry’s latest endeavor: a heart-warming tale of bravery and rescue at Dunkirk.


The Cherry Harvest: A Novel

William Morrow #ad - And when their beloved ben returns home, bearing an intense hatred of Germans, bitter and injured, Charlotte’s secrets threaten to explode their world. Her husband, and most of the other local men, struggles to keep the farm going while their son, Thomas, are fighting in Europe. When their upcoming cherry harvest is threatened, strong-willed Charlotte helps persuade local authorities to allow German war prisoners from a nearby camp to pick the fruit.

But when thomas befriends one of the prisoners, a teacher named Karl, and invites him to tutor Kate, the implications of Charlotte’s decision become apparent—especially when she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Karl. Her teenage daughter, Kate, raises rabbits to earn money for college and dreams of becoming a writer.

The Cherry Harvest: A Novel #ad - . A memorable coming-of-age story and love story, which explores a hidden side of the home front during World War II, laced with suspense, when German POWs were put to work in a Wisconsin farm community . With food rationed and money scarce, Charlotte struggles to keep her family well fed. With dark and unexpected consequences.

The war has taken a toll on the Christiansen family. So busy are they with the prisoners that charlotte and Thomas fail to see that Kate is becoming a young woman, with dreams and temptations of her own—including a secret romance with the son of a wealthy, war-profiteering senator.


The Dry Grass of August

Kensington Books #ad - Now, in the wake of tragedy, decide where her own convictions lie, Jubie must confront her parents’ failings and limitations, and make the tumultuous leap to independence . In this beautifully written debut, anna jean mayhew offers a riveting depiction of Southern life in the throes of segregation, what it will mean for a young girl on her way to adulthood—and for the woman who means the world to her.

. On a scorching day in august 1954, thirteen-year-old Jubie Watts leaves Charlotte, North Carolina, with her family for a Florida vacation. For as long as jubie can remember, compensating for her father’s rages and her mother’s benign neglect, Mary has been there—cooking, cleaning, and loving Jubie unconditionally.

Bright and curious, jubie takes note of the anti-integration signs they pass, and of the racial tension that builds as they journey further south. Infused with the intensity of a changing time, heartbreak, and the love and courage that can transform us—from child to adult, here is a story of hope, from wounded to indomitable.

The Dry Grass of August #ad - Mayhew keeps the story taut, thoughtful and complex, elevating it from the throng of coming-of-age books. Publishers weekly “beautifully written, with complex characters, an urgent plot, and an ending so shocking and real it had me in tears. Eleanor brown, new york times bestselling author of The Weird Sisters “A must-read for fans of The Help.

Woman’s World.


The Oceans Between Us: Inspired by heartbreaking true events, the riveting debut novel

Headline #ad - A story based on actual events which will have you glued to the pages' Waggy Tales'It has opened my eyes to the injustice done to so many' Shaz's Book Blog'I flew through this emotional book. But then she discovers the secret of his past. Only that she has lost something very precious. As the little boy waits in the orphanage, he hopes his mother will return.

Full of emotion, heart, joy and sorrow' Emma's Bookish Corner'Heart-wrenching debut novel. Should she keep quiet? or tell the truth and risk losing the boy who has become her life? This magnificent, set in London and Australia, moving novel, is testament to the strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of love.

The Oceans Between Us: Inspired by heartbreaking true events, the riveting debut novel #ad - Readers are loving The Oceans Between Us. A beautiful tale of a mother's love. Highly recommended' Between My Lines'A story that will touch every reader's heart. An absolute must-read' By The Letter Book Reviews. But i also felt their bravery in finding justice for all children who suffered. I raged at just what some had to endure.

A warm-hearted tale of love, lilac girls by martha hall kelly, loss and indefatigable human spirit' Kathryn HughesFor readers of Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate, The Letter by Kathryn Hughes, and Remember Me by Lesley Pearse.


And After the Fire: A Novel

Harper #ad - She becomes determined to discover what it is and to return it to its rightful owner, a journey that will challenge her preconceptions about herself and her family’s history—and also offer her an opportunity to finally make peace with the past. In berlin, an unsettling gift to her from bach’s son, sara itzig levy, in 1783, mingle freely despite simmering anti-Semitism, conceals the manuscript of an anti-Jewish cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach, a renowned musician, Germany, Christians and Jews, amid the city’s glittering salons where aristocrats and commoners, her teacher.

When henry dies soon after, she uncovers the long-hidden music manuscript. This work and its disturbing message will haunt Sara and her family for generations to come. Interweaving the stories of susanna and sara, seamlessly melding past and present, and their families, And After the Fire traverses over two hundred years of history, from the eighteenth century through the Holocaust and into today, real and imagined.

Lauren belfer’s deeply researched, evocative, and compelling narrative resonates with emotion and immediacy. National jewish book award winner!the new york times-bestselling author of a Fierce Radiance and City of Light returns with a new powerful and passionate novel—inspired by historical events—about two women, one European and one American, and the mysterious choral masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach that changes both their lives.

And After the Fire: A Novel #ad - In the ruins of germany in 1945, american soldier henry sachs takes a souvenir, an old music manuscript, at the end of World War II, from a seemingly deserted mansion and mistakenly kills the girl who tries to stop him. In america in 2010, henry’s niece, susanna kessler, struggles to rebuild her life after she experiences a devastating act of violence on the streets of New York City.


Trouble the Water: A Novel

SparkPress #ad - But just as she begins to grow comfortable in her new life, she overhears her benefactor planning the escape of a local slave—and suddenly, everything she thought she knew about Douglas Elling is turned on its head. As abby and douglas each attempt to manage their complicated interior lives, readers can’t help but hope that their meandering will lead them straight to each other.

When she arrives in charleston at the age of seventeen, Abigail discovers that the man her parents raved about is a disagreeable widower who wants little to do with her. Abigail milton was born into the British middle class, but her family has landed in unthinkable debt. To ease their burdens, abby’s parents send her to America to live off the charity of their old friend, Douglas Elling.

Trouble the Water: A Novel #ad - . Set against the vivid backdrop of charleston twenty years before the Civil War, American slavery, Trouble the Water is a captivating tale replete with authentic details about Charleston’s aristocratic planter class, and the Underground Railroad. Abby’s attempts to learn more about Douglas and his involvement in abolition initiate a circuitous dance of secrets and trust.

To her relief, he relegates her care to a governess, leaving her to settle into his enormous estate with little interference.


Wife of the Gods: A Novel A Darko Dawson Mystery Book 1

Random House #ad - 1 ladies’ detective agency will relish the opportunity to discover yet another intriguing area of Africa. Booklist starred review . For dawson, this sleepy corner of ghana is rife with emotional land mines: an estranged relationship with the family he left behind twenty-five years earlier and the painful memory of his own mother’s inexplicable disappearance.

. When we first meet dawson, he’s been ordered by his cantankerous boss to leave behind his loving wife and young son in Ghana’s capital city to lead a murder investigation: In a shady grove outside the small town of Ketanu, a young woman—a promising medical student—has been found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Wife of the Gods: A Novel A Darko Dawson Mystery Book 1 #ad - Armed with remarkable insight and a healthy dose of skepticism, Dawson soon finds his cosmopolitan sensibilities clashing with age-old customs, including a disturbing practice in which teenage girls are offered to fetish priests as trokosi, or Wives of the Gods.1 ladies’ detective agency may have a new hero: Detective Inspector Darko Dawson.

The wall street journalintroducing detective Inspector Darko Dawson: dedicated family man, rebel in the office, ace in the field—and one of the most appealing sleuths to come along in years. Delving deeper into the student’s haunting death, to his surprise, Dawson will uncover long-buried secrets that, hit much too close to home.

Praise for wife of the Gods“An absolute gem.


The Wolf Border: A Novel

Harper #ad - But a surprising phone call takes her back to the peat and wet light of the Lake District where she grew up. The eccentric earl of annerdale has a controversial scheme to reintroduce the Grey Wolf to the English countryside, and he wants Rachel to spearhead the project. From the award-winning author of the electric michelangelo, one of the most decorated young British writers working today, comes a literary masterpiece: a breathtaking work that beautifully and provocatively surveys the frontiers of the human spirit and our animal drives.

For almost a decade, zoologist rachel caine has lived a solitary existence far from her estranged family in England, monitoring wolves in a remote section of Idaho as part of a wildlife recovery program. Though she’s skeptical, the earl’s lands are close to the village where she grew up, and where her aging mother now lives.

The Wolf Border: A Novel #ad - While the earl’s plan harks back to an ancient idyll of untamed British wilderness, public anger and fear, Rachel must contend with modern-day realities—health and safety issues, cynical political interests. But the return of the Grey unexpectedly sparks her own regeneration. Exploring the fundamental nature of wilderness and wildness, love, conflict, The Wolf Border illuminates both our animal nature and humanity: sex, and the desire to find answers to the question of our existence—the emotions, desires, and needs that rule our lives.